Central  Point School celebrated its 13th Annual Sports Meet on January 23rd ,2017.The chief guest was Mr. Nabarun De, Executive Body Members CISCE New Delhi, Secretary, ASISC,W.B Chapter and Honourable Principal of Central Modern School, Baranagar. The special guests included Swami Kamalasthananda Ji Maharaj (Principal of Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda  Centenary College Rahara); Mrs. Mumu De (Secretary of Central Modern School  Baranagar); Mr. Ajoy Rai ( Principal Of Indira Memorial  English Medium High School –ShyamBazar; Mr. Brindabon Basak (Founder of CPS); Mr. Gopal Basak (Co-Founder of CPS & Convener of North  24 Pgs of Ramkrishna Vivekananda Bhava Prachar Parishad);Mr.  Jaydeep Sah( Secretary  of Morning Bells Academy Shyamnagar ); Mr. T.N Mishra (Rector of CPS );Mrs. Keya Ghosh (Special Educator); Moumita Dutta (Gold Medalist in Table Tennis under  13th world Championship);Mihir Ghosh (National Player 1983 & Present Coach in Table Tennis)

The main event started with the hoisting of the school Flag by Kamalasthananda Ji Maharaj; This was followed by the marching of the students .The Torch-lit was also done by the Swami Kamalasthananda Ji Maharaj; which was followed by the declaration of the Sports Meet by Mr. Nabarun De. Then the house captains handed over the balloons to the respective guests( Ajoy Rai, Brindaban Basak, Gopal Basak &T.N.Mishra ).The garlanding of Vivekananda’s Portrait was done by Swami  Kamalasthananda Ji Maharaj &Gopal Basak & the garlanding of Netaji’s Portrait was done  by Mrs. Mumu De & Brindabon Basak . After the speech delivered by Mr. Nabarun De & Swami Kamalasthananda Ji Maharaj , the most attracting event was the Yogasana by Anirudha Bhattacharya (Patanjali).This  was followed by the Aerobics dance performances by the Transitions with the big  Pompoms. It was initially Followed by the track and other field  events  by  pre- primary and secondary students.

The jaw-dropping moment was  the “CPS- formation” which was a mesmerising view for the audiences. The Aerobics and the other Performances had won the applauses of the audiences. The event came to an end with the flag-lowering by the Honourable Principal Mrs. Sarmistha Basak & with the march off the Arena by the senior students. The Flag was then handed over to the Secretary Mr. Samir Basak . All the ex- students, runner-ups, winners of the competitions, the staff members and teachers had won the awards and respective certificates.

I-Day celebration by Central Point School (2016)


      Central Point School, Sodepur, celebrated 70th Independence Day with great gusto. The students marched on Barasat road & P.N. Chatterjee road with the drum beat played by the senior students.

      The National Flag was hoisted by our rector Mr.T.N. Mishra which was followed by national anthem & flag salute. Our Principal Mrs.Sarmistha Basak garlanded the photograph of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose & ex-principal of Nandannagar High School Mr. Dipesh Sen payed tribute to Rishi Aurobinda. Our rector Mr.T.N. Mishra conducted an oath taking ceremony in the presence of Secretary  Mr.Samir Basak & academic co-ordinator Mr. Peter Ignatius.

      The students performed brilliantly in various dance- performances. The grand opening Dance performance was done by the senior students for the song “Ma Tujhe Salam”. This was followed by a threatrical dance performances by the Primary & the Secondary students, for “Krishna Leela”. The celebration reached to its climax with the birthday celebration of Shrestha Basak, of Pre-primary section.

     At the end, the programme concluded with Inter-House regional dance competition which was applauded by the audience. Netaji House bagged the first position for their Bihu performance

        The function came to an end with sweet packets being distributed to the students.

Central Point School Celebration 121st Birth Anniversary of Netaji


Central Point School celebrated the 121st birth anniversary of the birth anniversary of the great Warrior the orator – Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose. The birthday or the ‘jayanti’ of Netaji is celebrated auspiciously all over our Motherland. The son of Janakinath Bose & Prabhavati Devi, was born on 23rd January, in Cuttack Orissa. Netaji was one of the prominent leaders who struggled for India’s Independence from the clutches of the Birth rule. His famous slogans were “give me blood and I will give you freedom!” and “Delhi Chalo!”

    The students of Central Point School began their parade with the beating of the drums, that began from Barasat road & ended near the main gates of the school. Our Honourable Rector Mr. T.N. Mishra sir took the oath on behalf of the school. The senior students took the pledge & sang the National song. The cultural programme began in the school premises. Our Honourable Secretary – Mr. Samir Basak was present at the event. Our Honourable Rector honoured us by garlandingthe portrait ofNetaji Subhas Chandra Bose which was followed by a small speech that was given by our academic co- ordinator Mr. Peter Ignatius.

    The opening performance was done by the senior students on the song- ‘Vande Mataram’- which was a tribute to our Motherland. This was followed by a dance- drama by the students of the Netaji House, that portrayed the life & struggles of Netaji, through the short biographical skit that highlighted the immense struggles acquired by this National Hero.

    The students of Classes I,II, III & IV delivered a speech & sang songs that paid tribute ti the great patriot & also the great Warrior of our India; someone who had bestowed freedom upon us. The closing performance was performed by the students of class VII à a dance drama on the song – ‘Hum Delhi jayenge.’

    There was also a Quiz competition that was held between the senior students. Students were asked questions about the life –history of Netaji & the winners of the competition were awarded books by our Honourable Rector Mr. T.N. Mishra sir & our Academic Co-ordinator Mr. Peter Ignatius.

Central Point School Conducts News Reading Competition


To inculcate the habit of reading newspaper among students,  The students of the Central Point School read the news daily during the Prayer-time in the Assembly Hall, organized News Paper Reading Competition at the school Auditorium in which the students of class V to VIII have actively participated. The competition was inaugurated by the school Principal Mrs. Sarmistha Basak, student readers of class V- VIII read the Main Headlines, World News, Entertainment News, City News, Sports News & Weather Report. The students were assessed on the basis of the quality of articulation, intonation, presentation & the clarity of their voices.  Priyanka Patra of class V had acquired the first position, Isha Shrestha of class VIII had acquired the Second position & Aryan Jha of class VIII had acquired the Third Position. The prizes & the certificates were rewarded to the winners & the runner-ups by the Honourable Principal Mrs. Sarmistha Basak, academic co- ordinator Mr. Peter Ignatius & Mrs. Tapati Sen, ex-teacher of Don-Bosco Bandel.

‘Taste of India’ on children’s day at CPS, Sodepur


Central Point School celebrated the theme of ‘Taste of India’ on Children’s Day, with a lot of splendour and vigour. Children’s Day is annually celebrated in India with great enthusiasm on, the eve of the birthday of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, 14th of November. The first Prime Minister of India loved every children very much, & he was also lovingly called ‘Chacha Nehru’ by the children.

The programme in Central Point School initially began with the garlanding of the portrait of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, which was done by our Honourable Principal Mrs. Sarmistha Basak, which was followed by a speech that was given by our Honourable academic co-ordinator Miss. Tapati Sen. The senior students performed their dances on the songs – ‘Albela sajan’ & ‘Vande Mataram’. This was followed by the dance- performances of the little adorable kids of Lower Nursery who danced beautifully to the tunes of the song – ‘Megher Kole’ & ‘Chanda Chamke ’. The students of class –VII & VIII performed a dance – drama where the different historical periods of time were highlighted, through the performances of the songs –  ‘Khwaja Mere Khwaja’ & ‘Ajeem o Shah Shenhengsha’, & ‘Aye Mere Watan ke Logo’. The theme of the different historical periods of time during the Sufi Period, the Islamic period & the period of Nationalism were–explicitly depicted through these dramatic performances. The kids of Class –I had performed a scintillating dance performance on the songs – ‘Made in India’ & ‘Cham Cham’. The programme also witnessed some remarkable magic tricks that was performed brilliantly, & it concluded with a melodious musical band- performance.

Our Honourable Secretary, Mr. Samir Basak, was also present at the event. At the very end of the programme, sweets were distributed among the children.

Clay Modelling Workshop at C.P.S


 Central Point School paid tribute to the beloved founder of CPS – Mr. Brindaban Basak on July 25th, 2018: the first death anniversary of the CPS founder by organizing a Clay Craft Modelling Workshop and ‘Sit & Draw Competition’ which was conducted by Kores representative where all the students had participated with lots of enthusiasm. The Honourable founder of CPS was also a lover of arts and creator and on this day we paid homage to him who had contributed so much for the betterment of the children of this school.  In the morning garlanding of the portrait was done by our Honourable Secretary- Mr. Samir Basak in the presence of our Principal Mrs. Sarmistha Basak, Rector T.N. Mishra and our Academic Co-ordinators Miss Tapati Sen and Mr. Peter Ignatius. This was followed by the inter-class competition where all the students from classes-1 onwards participated. The students were given clays of various colors where they could depict their own talents; the students by using their hands moulded the clays and made models of snails, candies, flowers like roses, birds, leaves, flower vases and various designs, some human figures of monks, girls etc that depicted the depth of the imagination interestingly.


Central Point School had organized an excursion as a part of learning methodology on the 24th of January, 2018. Our honourable Secretary Mr. Samir Basak , Our rector Mr. T.N. Mishra and our respectable academic co–ordinators Miss Tapati Sen and Mr. Peter Ignatius were present. The primary students of the school from classes 1 to Classes 4 were taken to Jawaharkunj Range, Urban, Recreation, Forestry, Directorate of Forests Govt. of West Bengal  – a place where the students explored the scenic beauty of the environment. The little kids explored about the different types of birds, plants and the water- bodies. The children also engaged in various gaming activities like cricket, badminton, basketball etc. Later, Refreshment packet were distributed to the students.



Central Point School had organized an excursion on the 27th of January, 2018 to one of the iconic places of the city of joy – Science city. Our honourable secretary Mr. Samir Basak, Our rector Mr. T.N. Mishra and our respectable academic Co-ordinators Miss Tapati  Sen and Mr. Peter Ignatius were present.

   The senior students of the secondary sections interacted and explored how motion and placement produces a different effect in the visual perception in the 3D – Illusional show. The students also explored the biodiversity of the fish – species from the variety of the fresh – water species present there. A beautiful colony of live butterflies also gave a pleasing view to the students.

  The spherical projections displayed at the” Science on a sphere” show; gave us the highlights of the different planetary bodies present. The different compositions of the various planets were exhibited to us, the students had a great time in 3-D vision Theatre, where they had experienced 3D effect provided by the Polaroid spectacles. This show exhibited the life – forms of the extinct dinosaurus and the way, they had become endangered species of their time. The reflection of lights was clearly perceived in the ‘Mirror Magic’ show. The students also engaged in the various integral parts of the science city. In the science park, students engaged themselves in the various gaming activities like badminton, football and cricket and they also enjoyed in the Mono – rail cycle and the Road Train Cable Cars, in the lush green ambience. The Students also had a sumptuous lunch and finally this excursion has induced the learning power in their own-selves.

Central Point School, The International Day of yoga


International Day of yoga, or commonly referred to as yoga day, is celebrated annually on 21st June since its inception in 2015. An International day of yoga was declared unanimously by the United Nations General Assembly [UNGA]. Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual practice originated in India. The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his address to UN suggested the date of 21st June, as it is the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere and shares a special significance in many parts of world. It is not about the exercise but to discover the sense of oneness with yourself, the world and the nature. By the 5th century, BC yoga was becoming well known and began to appear in the vedic scripture. The word ‘Yoga’ is a Sanskrit word and it comes from the root word ‘yuja’ which basically means to bind to align to hold.

 So like every year, The central point school had organized the International Day of Yoga for all the students in the presence of honourable secretary Mr. Samir Basak, Honorable Academic co-ordinators Miss Tapati sen and Mr. Peter Ignatius. We have reached early in morning to the school. Our principal Maam Mrs. Sarmistha Basak has informed us to wear our respective house dresses. We have joined the parade from Barasat road to P.N Chatterjee road. Later on, some awareness about yoga and its benefits were shared with the students. The school commemorated the memorable day by organizing yoga in school campus which was compulsory for the all the students. All the house captains initiated the Yoga – Sessions for the physical and mental well beings. The Yoga – Sessions were organized in line of promoting yoga in everyday life. We have done so many Aasanas and pranayams such as kapalbhati pranayam, Anulom Bilom pranayams, Bhastika Pranayam, Brahmri pranayam, Tarashan Mundukashan and many standing postures. After some time we had our classes and later, Grams and nuts were distributed among the students and at the departure time all the students returned back to their classes, thus imbibing the physical development in them. Yoga is practiced on a regular basis, every week, which induces the cognitive development of the child. The students practice the various asanas and pranayams that are essential to maintain the physical health of the child.

 Sambhavee Verma student of Class- VI, Sec-A

Central Point School, National Youth Day’18


Central Point School celebrated National Youth Day. In 1984, the Government of India, declared the day as National Youth Day. This day is celebrated all over India with fervour & grandeur, marking the heroic struggles of all our national leaders who fought immensely to provide us the freedom that we are enjoying today. The 155th birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda, one of the prime disciples of  Ramakrishna Paramhansa, who re-introduced the Indian philosophies of Vedanta to the western world Born on 12 January, 1863,son of Biswanath Dutta and Bhubaneshwari Devi – Narendranath Dutta travelled to the west, bearing Hindu Philosophy and introducing Indian heritage, cultures and traditions to the west. Of his many lectures, the one in Chicago at the parliament of the world’s religion is the most revered, where he gave a brief speech representing Indian traditions and Hinduism.

 The programme in Central Point School began with the garlanding of the portrait of Swami Vivekananda by the honorable secretary of Central Point School, Mr. Samir Basak. This was followed by a prayer song which was performed by Suparna Guha Majumdar, a member of  Ramkrishna Sarada Vivekananda Ashram, Natagarh. This was followed by a speech which was given by our honorable academic co- ordinator Miss Tapati Sen. The guests who had come from Ramakrishna Sarada Vivekananda Ashram, Natagarh performed a prayer song – ‘Biswa sabha Tumi’ a prayer song performed by Jhumu Basak, Mahua Gupta and Rina Chakraborty. A short biographical Sketch was also given by our honourable guest Sanghamitra Sur Chowdhury, about the life of Swami Vivekananda.

 The students of class II, III, and IV highlighted the life of Narendranath Dutta through a small speech. The Quiz competition was conducted between the senior classes. The winners were awarded some books by the guests & the final closing dance performance were performed by the senior students for the song – ‘Mon Cholo nijh niketan e’.

cps sodepur organized news reading competition


Central Point School organized a News-Reading Competition on 16th of February,2018 which was sponsored by one of the regular journals of this school- The TIMES OF INDIA, from where the students of this school read the news on a daily basis during the Morning Assembly, – which includes the School News, National News, International News, State News, Entertainment News, Sports News and Weather Report.
To infuse the habit of News reading among the students, this competition was held which also uplifted the confidence among the students. The students participated from classes 5-8 and the winners were selected on the basis of the clarity of their expression, the articulation of their voice, the mode of delivery and their confidence. The winners who bagged the first position, second position and the third position were awarded the consecutive prizes by our Honourable Secretary Mr. Samir Basak, and by our Honourable Academic Co-Ordinators Mr. Peter Ignatius and Miss Tapati Sen.

Central Point School, Rabindra – Jayanti celebration – 2017


   Central point school celebrated its 157th birth anniversary of Raqbindranath Tagore the great poet and laureate of Bengal, which is celebrated on 25th day of boisakh, popularly known as the ‘ponchishe Boisakh’.

     The programme started with the garlanding of the portrait of Rabindranath Tagore by the founder of Central point school- Mr. Brindaban Basak, the rector of Central point school- Mr. T.N.Mishra and by the academic co-ordinator Miss Tapati Sen, The introduction speech was given by our Honourable principal Mrs. Sarmistha Basak.

Students actively participated in various Recitation & Dance performances. The opening dance were performance by the senior Students-  for the song – ‘Bhengecho Duar’ and ‘Dhonilo Ahoban’, which was followed by the recitation by the students of class V for the poem – ‘Journey Home’. The adorable kids of Lower Nursery danced rhythmically to the tunes of ‘Fule Fule’ and ‘Aay tobe’. Then we had the solo – guitar performance by a student of class IV – Arita Dey, who performed marvelously. The little kids of class I recited beautifully the poem – ‘Damoder seth’ and danced remarkably to the tunes of ‘Sob Kaje Hat’ and ‘Amra Nuton’, (Which was performed by the boys) and ‘Hridoy Amar’ and ‘Alokerei Jhorna’ (Which was performed by the girls). The kids of Class II danced to the tunes of ‘Megher kole’ and ‘Mor Bina Othe ‘(Girls) and ‘Ora ek arone and Amra Sobai Raja’ (Boys). The Students of class VII recited the poems ‘Proshno’ & ‘Flower, While class VI recited the poems – ‘Sit Smiling’

The show concluded with the dance performances of class VIII for the song – ‘Utol Hawa and ‘Nil Digante’ which was performed in a mesmerizing way and the final breathtaking performance of the senior students for the song – ‘ Bandh Bhenge dao’. Our Honourable principal Mrs. Sarmistha Basak thanked the Students and also the guests, for being a part of a joyous event.

Central Point School, Rabindra Jayanti Celebration 2018


Central Point School had celebrated the 157th birth Anniversary of the great poet and laureate Rabindranath Tagore on 11th May, 2018 with lots of grandeur and enthusiasm. Rabindranath Tagore was born on 9th May, 1861(25 e Boishakh) . Rabindra Jayanti is an annual festival that is celebrated ceremoniously all across the world with lots of pride and valour.  This celebration is mostly prevalent among the Bengalis around the world in the rememberance of the birth Anniversary of the great Noble prize winner. Every year, numerous cultural programmes and events such as “Kabipranam” poetries, dances and drama that are written and composed by Tagore, are mostly organised in this day, are performed by the schools.

On 11th of May, 2018 Central Point School celebrated the Rabindra Jayanti. The Program initially started with the garlanding of the portrait of the RabindraNath Tagore by the Honorable Principal Mrs. Sarmistha Basak and by The Academic Coordinator Miss Tapati Sen. This was followed by the Opening musical performance by the senior students for the song-“Sangachadwan” after which they danced to the tunes of the song “Pagla Hawa”. This was followed by the other dance performances by the students for the songs- “Aji jhoro Jhoro”, “Hridoy Amar”. The adorable kids of class- II had done a beautiful recitation on the poem- ” Khanto Buri” after which they performed a maginificent dance performance on the song- “Amader choto nodi”. The students of classes V-VIII also performed a closing performance, a dance-drama on “Tasher Desh” which was indeed portayed brilliantly.

Our Honorable Secretary Mr. Samir Basak, our rector Mr. T.N. Mishra and Academic Co-ordinator Mr. Peter Ignatius were also present at the event.

Saraswati – Puja celebration -2017

Central Point School celebrated Saraswati Puja with lots of the fun & vigour. The idol of Saraswati goddess was crafted & brought from Kumortuli. This day is usually celebrated as the birthday of goddess Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge, wisdom, sound & music.

The teacher actively participated in the preparation of the Prasad, by arranging the bhog requirements. The Puja started at round 9.00 a.m, with the Anjali that began after a short while. The Anjali is usually performed to sacrifice oneself infront of the goddess. The students came in their colourful dresses along with their guardians. After the puja, Prasad & Refreshment packet were distributed by the teachers to the students & their guardians.

Central Point School,  X ’Mas Day Celebration 2017


Central Point School Celebrated Christmas Day Eve on December 22, 2017. The programme began with the Quiz competition and the students were awarded prizes. The senior students  performed a carol on the song ‘Long ago in Bethlehem’ which was followed by carol and dance performance by the students of class IV on the song ‘We three kings’ and ‘Rocking Around’.

The adorable kids of lower nursery performed a carol on the song – ‘We wish you a Merry Christmas’ which was followed by a graceful dance performance on the song – ‘Beautiful Christmas’. The kids of Upper Nursery performed a carol on the song ‘Rudoeph the red nose reindeer’, which was followed by a mesmerizing dance performance on the song – ‘I am the happiest Christmas tree’. The students of class II performed a song on the carol – ‘silent Night’ followed by the dance performance ‘We wish you a merry Christmas’ the inter – house skit competition was held, where the different bio-graphics of the iconic figures like Mother Teresa, Swami Vivekananda, Rabindranath Tagore and Netaji were brilliantly highlighted through the different skits that represented the ideas and principles of the life of these iconic figures that they have acquired. The kids of class I performed a carol on the song – ‘Away in the manger’ which was followed by a scintillating dance performance on the song – ‘O Santa’ And ‘jingle Bells’, Where our beloved santa claus was also presents. The programme concluded with the speech of our honourable rector Mr. T.N Mishra Sir Gifts were later distributed to the students respectively.