Syllabus & Curriculum

Syllabus & Curriculum

  1. PRE-PRIMARY [ P.G., L.N., U.N., TRANS.]
The pre Primary is the beginning. A positive pre-primary experience will establish a solid base that nurtures a child’s natural enthusiasm for learning.
ALPHABETS, NUMBERS. COUNTING, COLOURS, RHYMES, PATTERN WRITING, GAMES, [Education is imparted fully through a Play-Way method]
  1. In the higher classes the syllabus & curriculum prescribed by the Inter State Board for Anglo Indian Education as recommended by the CISCE, New Delhi is followed. The main focus is on Listening, Speaking, Reading, Study on numbers, Languages and Nature, Extra Curricular activities fostering creativity and Computer education,
Attention is also paid on development based curriculum. The progress is monitored closely. Here the children are encouraged to pursue their non-scholastic talents more seriously.
The Central Point school provides various opportunities through inter-house competitions in cultural and sporting activities.


The medium of instruction is English as per rules of the Council for Indian School Certificate Examinations, New Delhi. We have the provision of teaching Hindi and Bengali languages as Second and Third language & vice versa.

                                        PREP – SESSION

The school provides a special facility of the PREP-SESSION for students of the age group 2+ to 5+, on a nominal charge of Rs 1050/- per month. The main objective of this session is to habituate them with the new environment of the school. For the year 2018, the PREP-SESSION COMMENCES FROM  JANUARY – MARCH., After the Prep session they will be directly admitted to the P.G., L.N., U.N, TRANS. classes according to their merit and age group. They will have to attend their respective classes from – APRIL, 2017.


We have recently started ‘Play Group Class’ for 2+ yrs. age group of children. It is a non- conventional & non syllabic way of  Learning. The class is are based on Activities & Play way system. The main objective of Play Group class is to familiarize them with the new environment of school & to bridge the gap between home & school.
Play Group Session starts simultaneously along with prep session. Besides, the admission for PG will continue throughout the year since the month of April onwards. The span of PG session counts from the date of admission of a student till the end of the March. The duration of  PG is of one hour, Its timing will be notified in due course. At the end of P.G. session, the students will be promoted to his/ her Class named Lower Nursery.