About School

“The prosperity of the country depends, not on the abundance of its revenues, not on the strength of its fortifications, nor on the beauty of it’s public buildings but it consists in the number of it’s cultivated citizens, in it’s men of education, enlightenment and character.”
With the inspiration instilled by Martin Luther’s Pragmatic ideology we were encouraged to open the academic instution, “Central Point School” at Amarabati, Sodepur in the year 2001.
Our motto is to nurture and blossom the sprouting kids, so that they grow  into huge trees, laden with fruits of knowledge, personality and enriched morality for the service to the society and the nation.
Central Point School is a co-educational English medium school, run and managed by a Society consisting of some like minded elite of the area. It has a grand multi-storeyed building having spacious Class rooms, Assembly Hall, Conference room, Well equipped spacious Play room, Lab facilities and a Library. Besides, we cannot help mentioning that we have introduced Computer education as a compulsory subject. We have furnished Laboratories to serve the purpose. The school is located in serenity and calmness pervades the whole atmosphere providing an ideal atmosphere for the all-round development of a child.
Education is the Manisfestation of perfection already in man.
Our aim is to develope, physical and moral faculties of the child and arrange for graded education in such a way as to provide an opportunity for the all-round development of personality.
Assessing the acute need of a Modern and Model school within the vicinity of Sodepur, which can cater such education that fulfills the spiraling necessity for our kids, we have established this school.