The school session spans from APRIL to MARCH. The PREP session starts from Jan. and continues till March. We take admission in Play Group(2+), Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary classes. Admission Forms along with Prospectus for all the classes are issued from the month of November, against payment of Rs. (50 + 50) 100/- from the School counter. Admission Forms duly filled in attached with a birth certificate and a Transfer Certificate for class 1 onward have to be submitted.



  1. Transfer Certificate from the last school attended, for the students seeking admission from classes I onward, has to be submitted at the time of admission.
  2. Admission will be granted strictly on the basis of merit and performance of the candidate at the Interview and written admission test. Parents of the students concerned will be interviewed before admission.
  3. For the middle section, the Principal & the authority reserves the right not to admit the student. Canvassing or recommendations will disqualify the candidate for admission.
  4. After admission 10 stamp-sized photographs of the candidate in School-uniform have to be submitted in the school office within one week.




  1. All the fees etc. will be accepted at the School counter only.
  2. Fees once paid can never be refunded in any circumstances.
  3. Fees for Vacations/breaks [Summer, Durga puja, Winter] must be paid with the Monthly fee, before the school closes.
  4. Monthly Tuition fees must be cleared within 10th of each month. A late fine of Rs. 100/ – for each month [including the current month if delayed] will be imposed on the defaulters.
  5. Names of the defaulters for successive two months will be struck off the register. They will have to take re-admission for restoration on payment of all previous dues & fines.
  6. No reduction is made for Holidays or broken periods.
  7. Schedule of fees may be changed in the subsequent session.
  8. Fees for the Month of Feb. & March should be paid on or before the 10th day of February every year.



Total Course of the year: 1st Unit Test, Mid Term, 2nd Unit Test, Session Ending Exam
  1. School’s Academic session consists of two TERMINALS – Half-Yearly and Session Ending Exam.  (New Session starts from April.)
  2. Continuous evaluations of the student’s performances including the internal   assesments & Projects [2 UNIT TESTS] are held in the whole academic session, marks for promotion to higher classes are calculated on the average including the marks of Half-Yearly; Session Ending exam, Unit tests,  Internal assesments & Projects Every examination is, therefore of equal importance.
  3.  Generally no re-examination is arranged for the absentees.
  4.  No promotion is granted if the candidate fails to secure the qualifying marks [40%] on the average of all the Tests. Passing in English is compulsory for promotion.
  5. Regarding promotions, the decision of the Academic Head is Final.



  1. It contains rules and regulations which has to be followed by the students regularly.
  2. It has the record of student’s attendance.
  3. It is used for Home assignments.
  4. The School’s comments to the guardians go mostly in the student’s diary. Guardians may kindly read the circulars with all seriousness and act accor- dingly.
  5. Remarks recorded in the School Diary are sent for acknowledgements by the guardians. School’s comments on student’s task whenever given in the Diary may kindly be looked into carefully & appropriate steps must be taken.
  6. Correspondences from the guardians  are acceptable.
  7. Class Routine & Time table are noted in the Diary. Parents are requested to follow them and send the Books and Copies accordingly.