Scheme of Studies

Scheme of Studies

In keeping with the advancement in the Educational System CENTRAL POINT SCHOOL enhances the spirit of Education not only confining itself within the areas of text books, guides etc. but to a more far- sighted educational approach
In order to make learning a pleasant experience we have introduced a play-way method i.e. along with their texts.

  1. Students are taken for educational excursions and tours.
  2. Audio-Video aids and Computer Education are used.
  3. Charts and Models are made/displayed for easier understanding.
  4. Educational aids are used.
  5. Most of the Science Classes are taken in the Labs.
  6. Montessori & Play-way equipment are used in class demonstrations.

The Play-Way method adds fun to those areas of learning, which students perceive to be dull or boring.

TEXT BOOKS are carefully selected keeping in mind the needs of the Boards as well as required by the School Authority. The Course is then divided inio SEMESTERS. Each year, the course is divided according to the Unit Test and Terminal Exam basis.


Aiming at the keen observation of all-round development of a child we adopt monthly assessment system. Each class teacher is assigned to observe the activity of each student in his/her class. Monthly Assessment is based on the subjects of Discipline, Diligence, Neatness, Regularity, Conduct, Receptivity and Interest towards games and sports. There are allotted grades for each criterion. The student who scores maximum grade is conferred upon golden Star and Silver star for school slot. Their names along with photographs are displayed on the school display board. The students who obtain highest grade Marks in a year are given away prizes during Annual Function.
It helps in observing and judging the development of child’s sense of understand­ing and reasoning. It also, helps in encouraging healthy competitiveness among students.


We lay emphasis on Parents-Teachers’ Interaction as we believe that the nature and behaviour of a kid is affected dominantly by the domestic and school atmosphere. So, we arrange Parents- Teachers’ Interaction at regular intervals, particularly, at the time of showing Answer-scripts of Unit tests and Terminal Examinations in order to judge the behaviour, nature and activity of a kid. With exchange of views and through experimen­tation, we strive to groom and cultivate the kid to perfection. Regular interaction also helps establish cohesive and congenial relationship between the protege and the guide at school. It bears enthusiastic and encouraging outcome.